Super Smash Bros. Club

Description:  Smash Club will revolve around the popular video game Super Smash Bros. (which is rated for everyone 10+).  The game features characters throughout the Nintendo universe and pits them against each other in a rock’em sock’em kind of duel.  Students will have the opportunity to play the game, meet new friends and learn good sportsmanship and integrity.

Behavior Expectations:  Students will be expected to be in room 11b no later than 4pm.  During the session students are expected to follow all instructions and show respect to both his/her peers and the instructor.  No food or drinks will be allowed in the classroom.  If discipline issues continue the student will not be allowed to participate in the club any further.

How to Join:  Students will need to have this permission slip filled out prior to showing up to the club.

Cancellations:  Due to weather concerns a cancellation will be made and be declared during morning announcements that day.  Students will then need to make transportation arrangements as though it’s a normal school day.


Contact Mr. Schwenk if you have any questions.