Grade 6 - Spanish 6 is one quarter long (9 weeks). Only non-music students may take this based on their schedule.

Grade 7 - Spanish 7 is a semester long (2 quarters/ 18 weeks). This is open to all students as an elective choice.

Grade 8 - Students in 8th grade may take Spanish 8 (semester long), or they can take Spanish 101 (all year).



Blended Learning Class- Students have the opportunity to take one of the five languages from Rosetta Stone as an elective choice. Instead of having separate classes for each language, we put all five languages in one class called Blended Learning. The students in Blended Learning will work in computer lab 11b as they independently learn the language of their choice. Students are expected to work on pace when they are in the class, as they will be working independently. Students who are not showing progress and/or keeping pace based on teacher progress monitoring will be removed from this class.


Rosetta Stone is an online world language supplement/enrichment program being offered to all of our students at Lance. All students will have the opportunity to participate in Rosetta Stone to learn a new language. Student can choose from Spanish, German, French, Italian, or Chinese. Students will work at their own pace to learn their language of choice. Students can learn anywhere they can get online, at anytime.

Click here for the Rosetta Stone sign-up form. Please turn these forms into the amin office.

Click here for instructions on how to access Rosetta Stone. Your student will need to have a login from the school to access this. Please complete the sign-up form above and turn into the main office.


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