8th Grade College Challenge

Are you College/ Career Ready?


College Challenge Guidelines 2017-18

Lance’s College Challenge was implemented in order to bring awareness to the educational opportunities that are available to students after high school. We aim to provide the tools and knowledge to help guide students through a successful educational career. If students complete all requirements by the deadline, they will have the opportunity to tour local college campuses such as Gateway Technical College, Carthage College, and University of Wisconsin-Madison.

*Please make note of the fixed deadlines for all requirements, as no late submissions will be accepted. Students will experience the authenticity of meeting strict deadlines, just as they do when applying for college in real life. They should be prepared to turn their submissions in ahead of the due date in case of illness, hungry dogs who eat homework regularly, and any other bumps in the road.




Submit To

Narrative Essay

(to be completed in English class 1st Quarter)

TBD (mid quarter)

Your House English Teacher

One Brag Sheet *

* To be given to the people who are writing the letters of recommendation for you; these give them information about you that they can include in the letter

Brag sheets is not turned in to teachers; solely for reference for the person writing the letter of recommendation.

One Letter of Recommendation

(from family members, someone in the community like a coach, family friend, etc)

Sample letter of rec template


September 29, 2017*

Independence House:

Mrs. Valeri


Liberty House:

Ms. Peura


Revolution House:

Mrs. Kalowski


Common College Application

(This will be given to students by house teachers; paper copy to be turned in when complete)

September 29, 2017 *

Independence House: Mrs. Valeri

Liberty House: Ms. Peura

Revolution House: Mrs. Kalowski

College Website Scavenger Hunt

Go to www.campustours.com and select a college of your choice

Complete page 2 of this worksheet http://goo.gl/qT5AeZ while exploring the website


September 29, 2017*  

**See below for details on the requirements.



Field Trip Opportunities

If students meet the challenge by completing all three requirements by their respective deadlines, then they will have two field trip opportunities to tour college campuses during the school year (*colleges and number of trips are subject to change):

University of Wisconsin- Madison

November 8,13, 14


  • Tour of Camp Randall

  • Biotech DNA Experiment

  • Physics Museum

  • Discovery Center

  • Dairy Cattle Center

  • Space Science & Engineering

Gateway Technical College Expo



  • Interactive tour of various programs of study

    • Nursing

    • Firefighting

    • Computer Coding

    • Horticulture

    • Urban Farming

    • Physical Therapy

    • And more...


Student Requirement Details


Narrative Essay

(to be completed in English class 1st Quarter)

  • Students will be guided through the writing process while writing in response to an actual college application writing prompt

One Brag Sheet

  • Students will fill out one brag sheet (get copy from your teacher) with interests, hobbies, career goals, and so on

  • Students will hand a brag sheet to person who will be writing a letter of recommendation for them; this will provide information to be included in the letter

One Letter of Recommendation

  • Students are required to ask for one letter of recommendation from either of the following:

    • a person in the community (counselor, mentor, coach, family friend, etc)

    • a family member (grandparent, parent, aunt, etc)

  • Sample letter of rec template: goo.gl/hQmhHB

  • This letter of recommendation will be turned in to your respective house teacher:

Mrs. Kalowski (Revolution), Ms. Peura (Liberty), and Mrs. Valeri (Independence)

College Application

  1. Mrs. Kalowski, Ms. Peura, and Mrs. Valeri will give you a paper copy of the Common College Application to complete.

  2. Financial sections and citizenship sections of the application do not need to be completed.

  3. Turn in to your respective house teacher, and confirm that it is checked off on the College Challenge Checklist in your classroom.

8th grade students who complete the required materials for the College Challenge will have the opportunity to participate in college tours/ visits during the school day.