Lance Middle School Special Education

Wisconsin’s rule for identifying students with specific learning disabilities (SLD) has changed.  No later than December 1, 2013, all initial SLD evaluations of public school students will use information from interventions to make eligibility decisions. 

This is to notify you that beginning on 10/28/13 initial SLD evaluations at Lance Middle School will begin using information from a student’s response to intensive, scientific research based or evidence based interventions when making special education eligibility decisions.

If you have any questions or would like more information, please refer to the following webpage link at or contact Jill Sanfilippo, School Psychologist, at 262-359-2809 or


6th Grade:

Ms. Miller - Integrity House

Ms. Passafaro - Honesty House

7th Grade:

Ms. Lavey - Shakespeare House

Ms. White - Einstein House

8th Grade

Ms. Poppe - Liberty House

Ms. Modory - Independence House

Mr. Sustachek - Revolution House

CDS Classroom

Ms. Wienke

Ms. Burke

Program Support Teacher (PST)

Ms. Guckenberger

Visually Impaired

Mr. Tackett


Ms. Sanfilippo - School Psychologist

Ms. Drechsler - School Social Worker

Speech/ Language

Ms. Batten-Morey

Ms. McKay




Ms. Reynolds

Ms. Lerner (Interpreter)


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