Student Interventions - Tier One

Culturally Relevant lessons

Description: Lessons are created ti embed the various cultures of students in the class to create a connection and awareness and acceptance of the cultural differences.


This is an orientation for incoming 6th grade students to ease the transition to Lance Middle School.  The academic and behavior guidelines are presented as well as an orientation of the building, activities to build interpersonal skills, and a chance to meet new friends (peer support). Gear-Up is August 19-22, 2013. Gear-Up registration forms are available in the Lance Main Office. Your child will attend one three-hour session.  

House System

Description:  Grade levels are divided into teams known as houses.  This allows the students to function with a core set of academic teachers who work together collaboratively to help ensure the success of all children. 

Parent Partner Programs

Description:  Open House, Parent Teacher Conferences, 5th Grade Orientation, PTO.

Summer School

Description:  Students will have the opportunity to participate in extended year math and reading to improve their academic skills.  5th grade students will participate in Forward Progress, where they will transition to the middle school.  8th grade students will participate in Forward Progress, where they will transition to the high school. 

Systemic Communication Processes

Description:  Zangle Parent Connect, report cards, progress reports, parent conferences, Parent Bolt, School Messenger, and house meetings.

Student Support Services

Description:  Students have access to individual counseling and group counseling, Project Alert, and Project Wisdom.

Student Celebrations

Description:  Students will be recognized for a variety of reasons, character, personal achievement, Talent Fridays, academic achievement, attendance, community service, and Student of the Month.

Differentiated Reading

Description:  Students will participate in SSR.  The teachers create individualized and unique reading experiences for the students and allow class time for reading.