Math Interventions

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Ms. Carpenter is a licensed math teacher who works with students struggling with math concpets. Students are assigned to Math Intervention Class through our CSI process duiring one of their elective periods. The goal of the Math Intervention Class is to increase the student's math level and confidence level in learning math.





Edgenuity’s middle school curriculum helps students receive the instruction and practice they need to excel academically. Plus, with real-time data, customization, and management tools, teachers and administrators have the resources they need to intervene, motivate, and foster success.



Fastt Math

The FASTT Math intervention program uses the research-validated FASTT system (Fluency and Automaticity through Systematic Teaching with Technology) to help all students develop fluency with basic math facts. FASTT Math assesses all students to uncover fluency gaps and to establish a baseline of fluency for each student. Then, FASTT Math automatically differentiates instruction in customized, 10-minute daily sessions.

FASTT Math ensures that all students, regardless of their fluency level, build the long-lasting fluency they will need to tackle higher-order math.

FASTT Math helps all your students achieve math fact fluency – and build the confidence in mathematics they need to succeed.

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Math Help

Students meet with the math teacher during Advisory/ lunch period to gain skills and confidence in their own math skills. Individualized lessons are used to work with each child and their specific deficiencies.