Deaf and Hard of Hearing Program

The program for deaf and hard of hearing students in grades 6, 7, and 8 at Lance Middle School utilizes the services of a teacher of the deaf and hard of hearing, certified educational interpreters, a speech-language therapist, and an educational audiologist. Guidance counseling, social work services and psychological services are also available on-site for the entire student population.


We, in this program, believe that our students:

  • are entitled to communication in the sign/speech mode with which they are most comfortable, and which is presented in a clear and effective manner.
  • deserve equal access to academics, electives, extra-curricular activities and school organizations in which they are interested.
  • have the right to learn and be respected in a positive school climate.
  • must develop the skills necessary to problem solve and find answers in a technological society.
  • provide the motivation for building a sign language base with hearing peers, thus permitting friendships and classroom interactions which do not require an interpreter.

You may direct any questions, comments or suggestions to: or 359-2944.


Ms. Reynolds (DHH Teacher) 359-2944


Ms. Lerner (Interpreter) 359-2949